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About the portal

The Government of Catalonia anticipated the passing of the Transparency (Access to Public Information and Good Governance) Act 19/2014, of 29 December, by setting up its transparency website in June 2013. This initiative met one of the main commitments in the paper ‘Proposals and Ideas on Transparency and Democratic Regeneration’ resulting from the two summits on democratic regeneration sponsored by the President of the Catalan Government and held on 6 and 22 February 2013 with the input of institutions tasked with guaranteeing rights in Catalonia.

At first the website provided information about public procurement, monitoring the Government Plan and the remuneration of senior officials in Catalan Government departments and its public sector organisations. Subsequently, and in response to the commitments entered into by the Catalan Government, the Transparency Act was passed.
As a result of the Catalan Government’s efforts to achieve utmost transparency in its administration, Catalonia earned the highest score in the Index of Transparency of the Autonomous Communities (INCAU), published on 17 July 2014 by the non-governmental organisation Transparency International (TI).

The transparency website has been resized to include the large amount of data required by the Transparency Act. In addition, the Catalan Government is continuing to work on developing a website providing comprehensive quality information.
Right from when it was set up the website has also featured an electronic form which members of the public can use to request public information.

Statistical data about visits to the website and most viewed pages. The data are set out in quarterly reports.

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