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Right of access to public information

The right of access to public information is the right to access the Administration’s information and other information in its possession as a result of public activities and duties; this includes the information supplied by others subject to law (article 18 of Law 19/2014, of 29 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance

Through this procedure, you may exercise the right of access to public information recognised by Law 19/2014. All people can exercise this right, individually or on behalf of any legally constituted legal entity, as long as it is not conditioned by personal interest or subject to motivation or invocation of any rule.

The official languages of Catalonia are Catalan, Spanish and Aranese Occitan. Use one of the following forms to start the administrative procedure for the right of access to public information:

Catalan form

Spanish form

Aranese Occitan form

You should not use this channel if you want to make a suggestion, inquiry or file a complaint, but rather use the space provided for these procedures that you will find on the portal's home page.

The administrative procedure for access to public information must conform to the requirements, conditions and terms found in Law 19/2014, included among which are the following:

Once you have submitted your request, you will receive a notification indicating the day it was received, the agency responsible for resolving it, the deadline for its resolution and the person responsible for processing it.

In general, the administration must resolve requests for access to information within one month, although this deadline may be suspended or extended in the cases provided by law. In the event you do not receive a response within this period, it shall be understood that your request has been approved within the limitations set out in Article 35 of the said Law.

If the request is resolved favourably, either expressly or via a lack of reaction by the administration, the competent authority shall provide the information to the interested party, preferably in the form in which it was requested, within thirty days. Access to public information is free, but the issuing of copies and converting to different formats than the original may be subject to financial fees, which shall not exceed the cost of the operation.

Express or assumed resolutions may be subject to appeal for reversal to the agency that has issued them. A claim may be lodged freely and voluntarily in regard to these resolutions and, if applicable, those that have been settled by appeal to the Guarantor Commission for the Right of Access to Public Information (Comissió de Garantia del Dret d’Accés a la Informació Pública), which operates completely independently from the government and without submission to hierarchical instructions of any kind. Interested parties can also submit an administrative appeal or use other means of challenge or defence they deem appropriate.

You must fill in the form above and send it to the body responsible for the requested information.