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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for transparency policies of the Government of Catalonia 2015 - 2017 has been approved by agreement of the Government on 7 July 2015, as promoted by the ministry of Governance and Institutional Relations and coordinated by the Commissioner for Transparency and Access to Public Information.

All ministries of the Government of Catalonia, and the agencies and organisations that depend on it, have been involved in drafting the strategic plan in order to determine the objectives and design of the actions that should be conducted in regard to relations between citizens and institutions of a transparent and well governed society.

The Plan is divided into six main areas: boost transparency in publically run activities, access to public information, good governance, promotion of open government and citizen participation, accountability and measures to promote the application of the law, and training, outreach and awareness. It also specifies the schedule and the budget allocated to each of these goals. Both the contents of the Plan as well as the annual evaluation of its degree of compliance is published on the transparency portal.