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Scheduling contracts with high estimated value

In execution of the supervisory functions of public procurement, the Office of Directorate General of Public Procurementspecifically tracks the provisions of contracts having an especially significant estimated value. The contracting authorities who plan these provisions shall inform the OOEPP sufficiently in advance.

This comprises the scheduled works contracts, public works concessions, management of public services and public or private co-operation having an estimated value exceeding EUR 6 million or 1 million euros in the event that other contractual items are included such as services and supplies.

This section includes a list of procurement files about which various contracting authorities of the Government of Catalonia and its public sector have notified the OOEPP with the aim of making public the information on scheduled contracts as a best practice of transparency in public procurement. The contracting agency is listed, as are a description of the contract, contract type, form of processing, the award procedure, duration and an estimate of the date of tender, as well as the estimated value of the contract.

Scheduling contracts with high estimated value

Updating: weekly.

Data source: Ministry of Transparency and Foreign and Institutional Relations and Affairs and notification to the OOEPP from all contracting authorities by electronic form.

Data format: PDF.